Hurricane Relief – Alicia and Kayla Volunteer

Release Date: 10/04/17

Hurricane Relief – Alicia and Kayla Volunteer

Following Hurricane Harvey, Amerisource employees have been volunteering both their time and energy to help those in need. In support, we are providing them with paid time off during the working day to ensure that their skills are available to those who need them the most!

Last Friday, Alicia Adelman and Kayla Harris volunteered to help a family living in Bear Creek Village. This is what Alicia had to say about her experience:

“Bear Creek Village was one of the hardest hit places by the flooding, some of those homes were under water for a couple of weeks or longer. The family had spent tireless hours gutting the house, tearing down sheet-rock, ripping out flooring, etc., but they needed extra help with cleaning the outside of their property too. By now, all the flood-damaged household items had been removed from the front lawn, but there was still plenty of cleaning up to do. Kayla and I met the homeowner, and we came up with a plan. He said, “It might seem silly to be raking the dead lawn, but the remnants of trash are a daily reminder that all of our belongings were once piled high out there. I’d like to rake up the rest of the trash, so when I pull up to work on the house, it brings a sense of normalcy. My neighbors are all looking up to me because I am trying to help show them that we can do this!” It was so hot and humid that day, but Kayla and I spent many hours raking and picking up piles of trash. To look at the before and after pictures is incredibly rewarding! What a difference it made! As you can see from the photo, there is still a lot of work to be done in that community, but this small act of kindness has brought great joy!”

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